Mikimoto Japanese Restaurant in Carrollton

1 Dec 2009

Mikimoto Japanese Restaurant
3301 S Carrollton Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118-4531
(504) 488-1881

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When the NOLA folks who frequent twitter learned that our friend Charlotte had never eaten sushi before, we knew exactly what we'd be eating at our next "tweet-up."

Since a lot of folks regularly sing the praises of Mikimoto, a Japanese place on S. Carrollton in Gert Town, off we went. It was a great gathering, with @tshumbie, @pontchartrain, @bsicomics, @kissmygumbo, @NOLAnotes, @laurabergerol, and yours truly, @YatPundit, joined @charlotteAsh for some good sushi. (@LisaHeindel stopped by to say hi as well, which was great, since I finally got to meet her!)

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We let Anita (@tshumbie) and Jason (@bsicomics) make most of the picks. Clockwise from top left, that's a Tiger Roll, Cajun Roll, and a Crawfish Roll. The Tiger Roll is a veggie roll with tuna on top, sauce, then tempura crumbs. The Cajun roll is crawfish, and spicy crabmeat.

Clockwise from the bottom, another Tiger Roll, a California Roll, and another Cajun Roll.

Clockwise from the left: Not sure what the first one (with the Philly in it) is. Next is a "rice paper" roll. Veggies wrapped in rice paper. Anita says this is much more lo-cal. The sauce for this one is in the small dish. Next is a Spicy Tuna Roll, then a Spicy Salmon Roll.

There was one other plate with a Crunchy Roll, Snow Crab Roll, and Tuna Roll. I managed to grab a taste of just about all the rolls except the Rice Paper one. Of all them, the Tiger and Crawfish were my favorites, but the others were excellent

Charlotte and Laura approve!

Kudos to Anita for reserving a table for us! I set up the twtvite.com invitation/RSVP page for the lunch, but I didn't know Mikimoto got as crowded as it did on Friday. Thanks to everyone who made it, and hopefully we'll get even more folks out next time we have a tweetup.

Mikimoto on Urbanspoon

Mikimoto on Urbanspoon