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          Hello, welcome to Guangzhou Sea-lion Technology Co., Ltd.

          Company culture

          • Enterprise spirit

            professional, focus, concentration, dedicated

          • corporate vision

            Create a China brand, the world's best

          • Talent concept

            To build knowledge employees, create learning enterprises;
            To improve skills as well as performance; Let employees grow with the company

          • Marketing concept

            Create value for users and win friends for enterprises

          • Service concept

            Customer demand is the direction of our struggle;
            customer satisfaction is the goal of our work

          • business purposes

            Reputation first, customer first, quality satisfaction,
            delivery on time, willing to sincerely cooperate with you, hand in hand development.

          • Service aim

            Warm reception of new and old customers, to understand exactly the needs of customers;
            strict quality process control, to ensure the contract delivery cycle;
            timely quality tracking, quickly deal with quality objections