Spicy in Midtown - Szechuan Gourmet

8 Oct 2012

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While many Chinese places adapt the spice levels in their "Szechuan" dishes, Szechuan Gourmet doesn't. When you're reading the menu and see one or two chili-symbols next to a dish, take that to heart. There's actually a couple of dishes on the menu that had four chili symbols next to them. I wasn't feeling that brave. The dishes I had were at a solid spice level. I wasn't breaking out in sweats, but I knew I wasn't eating made-for-Americans food.

For a starter, I had Sliced pork belly with chili-garlic soy. Essentially this is spicy bacon, and it was fantastic. My entree (above) was Crispy Chicken with Spicy Garlic Sauce. Crispy indeed, with skin-on pieces of chicken fried up and a sauce that kicked and had a taste other than simply set-your-mouth-on-fire. I had steamed rice on the side and a couple of glasses of their house Sauvignon Blanc.