Midtown Curry - Nirvana on Lexington

7 Jan 2013

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Nirvana is a nice Indian place within walking distance of my hotel and the office where I work when I go to Manhattan. The atmosphere is laid-back, service responsive, and food is worth your time.

Papad and a nice Sauvignon Blanc.

For a starter, I had the Achari Mushroom. Pickled mushroom which is grilled with other veggies. The flavors coming together on this plate were just wonderful. I could have easily had a second order and called it a night.

Madras Chicken, Garlic Naan, and rice. Good version of a classic curry dish. The sauce was just the right amount of tomato. Spice content was good--the waiter warned me ahead of time, leading me to believe they've had their share of people who didn't like spicy food. Between growing up in New Orleans and the tastes of some of my Norweigan colleagues, a little spice didn't bother me. Still, I kept it low-key. The naan was excellent, fresh and a good level of garlic spead across.

Gulab Jumun for dessert.

This was my first to Nirvana. I'll be back on my next trip to Manhattan.