Phoenix Dining: The Rose and Crown

19 Nov 2012

Phoenix Dining - The Rose and Crown

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I really enjoy this pub. My first experience with The Rose and Crown was sort of random. On my first trip to Phoenix, in 2011, I'd heard about this trendy/popular pizza place, Pizzeria Bianco. It's just a couple of blocks from the hotel I stayed at, Spring Hill Suites Downtown Phoenix, so I figured I'd give it a try. Place was packed with a 90-minute wait! For pizza! Sorry, YatPundit don't play dat. Across the street from the pizzeria was an inviting little pub, so in I went.


I ate at The Rose and Crown twice this trip. I knew they were open on Sundays, so I could get a decent dinner rather than eating airport food. That decent dinner started with a crock of onion soup.

"Pub Burger" - Sometimes you just want a simple cheeseburger. Well, not too simple, since this one has both swiss and cheddar cheese.

For my Thursday night trip (chatting up the lovely Kim behind the bar), I went with the "Phoenix Burger." I asked for the peppers on the side. Last time I had a similar burger, the "Cali Burger" at The Holy Grail in Plano, TX, all that jalapeno did me in for two days. :-)

I asked for both burgers to be cooked Medium; the kitchen delivered. Even though they had vinegar for chips like a proper English pub should, I opted for the potato salad, which was most excellent.

Dessert on both trips was a Milk Stout, I think (I forgot what Kim said) from Left Hand Brewing Co. in Colorado. It was fantastic!

Service: Apologies to the guy who was behind the bar on Sunday night, I didn't catch his name. He did a great job, though, as good as the very-cute Kim did on Thursday. As you can see from this shot of behind-the-bar, these folks have the right attitude!